Children and Community Based Art


There is a deep joy in involving children in the community art process. Empowering a community through the youth is like laying one more pillar on which the future can be built up. The majority of hands that helped with the Life House Community Mural project in Joplin, Missouri were those of children. Those hands will grow up and become the hands that heal brokenness, that write bills, and change our current culture. Every opportunity to encourage and empower the hearts behind those hands is an opportunity that should be taken. Due to the many hands involved in the community mural process, it is nearly impossible for it to be rigid and precise. That is the joy of the community-based art. It is organic. The experience is just as important, if not more so, than the completed artwork itself. The laughter, conversations, and connections that are made by involving the community in the process are what make community based art unlike other forms of art-making.

Mural kick-off!

The mural proposal is going to be reviewed next week! Once passed, we can start the planning process. The first step will be establishing a design team. This will be a super cool team stacked with artists, volunteers from the community center, and interested community members. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this project! The art program at the center has been working with the kids there to introduce them to the concept of collaborative art and we’ve had great success! So excited to see what the kids do when they get to paint on a giant wall!